New developments in the ICD Revision Process

GATE (Global Action for Trans* Equality) and STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization report that the World Health Organization (WHO) has published online its proposals on trans* health in the ICD-11 Beta Draft (

The publication includes the two new categories proposed by the WHO Working Group: ‘Gender incongruence of adolescence and adulthood’ and ‘Gender incongruence of childhood’. Both categories are part of a new chapter of ICD-11: Chapter 06 ‘Conditions related to sexual health’. This means that for the first time in history the WHO includes trans* issues in a separate chapter to the chapter on ‘Mental and behavioural disorders’. Despite the challenges of both the new categories and the new chapter, we can celebrate this small step in the long struggle for depathologization.

The inclusion of these categories in a new chapter does not mean that reform is approved, as the ICD-11 will only be voted by the World Health Assembly in 2017 (scheduled). However, it means that WHO has addressed the historic claim of the trans* movement, and that further developments will also be possible.

We still have much work ahead. It is necessary to analyze and discuss collectively the category of ‘Gender incongruence’ and its risks of re-pathologizing trans* issues in ICD-11. It is also essential to continue to insist that health access and gender identity recognition are human rights and that their realization must not depend on diagnostic categories. It is necessary to consider the very construction of the proposed chapter, to advance towards the depathologization of body diversity, and break the association between trans* health issues and other pathologizing categories. We must ensure that the new version of ICD does not reproduce gender stereotypes. And above all, we must work together to avoid the inclusion of the category of ‘Gender incongruence of childhood’ in ICD-11.

The addition of Chapter 06 ‘Conditions related to sexual health’ in ICD-11 Beta Draft is very recent and, according to information provided by WHO, its contents could vary in the upcoming days. We invite all of you to join this process, to contact us and participate in the various activities that will take place in the next weeks, – and, as always, to go out on October 18, International Day of Action for Trans* Depathologization, to say NO to the pathologization of gender diversity in childhood and to say YES to trans* depathologization.

GATE, Global Action for Trans* Equality

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Statement from Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE) on fake endorsements for a State House candidate in Georgia in our name

It has come to our attention that somebody has made automatic calls (‘robocalls’) aimed at voters in Cobb County, Georgia, USA, to endorse a candidate for public office. Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE) has never endorsed candidates of any party for any office, and will not do so in the future. We are a non-partisan charitable organization, and as such do not engage in lobbying activities, including endorsing candidates. Our name has been used without authorization, and we are considering legal action to stop this unauthorized use of our name. 


The Best Practices Policy Project, the Desiree Alliance and Global Action for Trans* Equality are calling for US-wide and international action on +March 14, 2014 to support Monica Jones’ campaign for the rights of transgender people and sex workers.

Monica Jones, a human rights defender in Arizona and an advocate for the rights of transgender people and sex workers, was profiled and wrongfully arrested for “manifestation of prostitution” by a police sting operation and anti-prostitution diversion program known as “Project ROSE”. Ms Jones had been a speaker at a rally protesting Project ROSE—which is run by Phoenix police and Arizona State University’s School of Social Work—the day before. At the time of her arrest, she was not engaging in sex work, but was in fact walking down her street to the local bar.

First-ever survey of trans* and intersex advocacy organizations reveals glaring need for support, partners


Survey conducted by Global Action for Trans* Equality and American Jewish World Service shows groups face significant lack of funding


NEW YORK, NY / BUENOS AIRES, Argentina –Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE) and American Jewish World Service (AJWS) released today the results of the first-ever survey of transgender and intersex groups around the world in a new report, The State of Trans* and Intersex Organizing. The report is being presented on January 28 during the International Human Rights Funders Group’s 2014 San Francisco Conference.

The survey of 340 organizations documents the deep discrimination and multiple challenges facing trans* and intersex people and the organizing that they are leading worldwide to win their human rights. It also shows the significant funding shortfall facing trans* and intersex groups and the challenges and obstacles they face in obtaining resources to carry out their work.

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Declaración de GATE en el Día Internacional por la Eliminación de la Violencia contra las Mujeres

GATE convoca hoy a una nueva conmemoración del Día Internacional por la Eliminación de la Violencia contra las Mujeres.

Notamos con profundos rechazo y preocupación que las mujeres trans* continúan siendo uno de los blancos más constantes pero invisibles de la violencia generizada, la cual golpea con particular virulencia contra las trabajadoras sexuales trans*, las mujeres trans* en prisión o en otras instituciones de encierro, las mujeres trans* negras, las mujeres trans* en zonas de conflicto armado, ocupación, o desastres naturales, las mujeres tras* de comunidades indígenas, las refugiadas, migrantes, las mujeres trans* que viviendo con VIH y las defensoras de derechos humanos.

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