Global Action for Trans Equality

Working internationally on gender identity, gender expression and bodily issues

What we do

GATE is a trans* network coordinator, facilitator and advocate to the ‘outside’ world. We work to unite trans* movements for common goals, while developing trans* agendas on a conceptual policy level.

We assist trans* movements and structures at the local, national and regional level, in order to facilitate the development of a new global networks of trans* organizations. Important to the work of GATE is our support of constructive communications between existing groups and new audiences.

We started a dialogue with the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN) and other international actors about the urgent need to reform the medical classifications of trans* identities, which is erroneously referred to as a ‘personality disorder’

Our goals include:

  • Regional and international lobby on trans* issues
  • Help build trans* movements and structures in all parts of the world
  • Make critical knowledge and resources available to trans* activists  

How We Work

GATE is born out of the need for lobbying at global level, especially with UN system institutions, mechanisms and agencies. There is a clear need for better networking between different regions to exchange ideas and experiences of trans* groups. GATE thus fills a gap in the existing national and regional structures. Existing international/global LGB organisations often lack specialized knowledge about trans*-specific issues, which is why GATE aims to fill this gap and provide strong advocacy for the rights of trans* people.  

Our Supporters

Hivos International
Arcus Foundation