Global Action for Trans Equality

Working internationally on gender identity, gender expression and bodily issues

Trans* Movement Building

GATE focuses on building strong trans* movements, because well-resourced trans* groups and organizations are the backbone of change for trans* people. We identified lack of funding for our movements as one of the main obstacles to their work.

We developed a survey to assess the organizational and financial capacity of trans* and intersex groups worldwide. When we asked groups to answer our survey, we received feedback from 340 groups worldwide – the largest such sample ever! Groups were telling us about their budgets, staffing, composition and priorities.

Based on these surveys, we co-wrote the report ‘The State of Trans* and Intersex Organizing’. We also produced an infographic summary of our findings.

What we found is movements, groups and organizations do a lot with very little. They operate with little to no funding, limited staff, and live day-to-day with no reserves. Despite these constraints there has been success in the movement but there is a limit to what can be done in the long run.

We use the report ‘The State of Trans* and Intersex Organizing’ as a basis for conversations with funders and potential funders of trans* and intersex groups. This culminated in a meeting with funders and activists in Berlin in December 2013. The report from the meeting is available here.

Our goal is to bring more money to trans* groups and organizations, as well as facilitate new ways of enhancing their work.

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