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We are an international organization working on gender identity, sex characteristics and, more broadly, on bodily diversity issues.

We work on supporting trans, gender diverse and intersex movements by producing and making available critical knowledge, promoting their access to organizational resources (funding, training, mentoring, personal and professional supporting systems), and advocating with them to make our human rights a lived reality.

Our areas of work include:

Depathologization, focused on the revision of trans and intersex codes in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11);

Legal reform and the international human rights system, working with the United Nations to introduce gender identity, gender expression and bodily diversity issues into the international human rights framework, and supporting trans, gender diverse and intersex activism at the UN;

Expanding trans and intersex participation in the international response to HIV;

Movement Building and socioeconomic justice, advocating for trans, gender diverse and intersex access to funding and the creation of new funding sources.

Learn more about our activities from the 2016 Annual Report

We believe that history is in the making.

Join our global effort to make it better for all.



GATE Submission to WHO on Intersex Issues in the process of ICD reform

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is the standard diagnostic tool produced by the World Health Organization (WHO). A new version, called ICD-11, is expected to be completed in 2018. In the context of our work on depathologization and human rights, GATE made a comprehensive technical submission to WHO on intersex issues in the ICD process. The
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Erika Castellanos’ speech on HIV and the Law at HLPF 2017

New York, July 12th 2017 Erika Castellanos, our Director of Programs, gave a highly acclaimed speech at the session “The Global Commission on HIV and the Law at Five: Reflecting on Progress, Challenges and Opportunities to End AIDS by 2030” in the context of the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.  In 2010, the
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The State of Trans and Intersex Organizing

About the publication This report summarizes the findings of a survey of 340 transgender (trans) and intersex groups worldwide, conducted from July to September 2013 by Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE) and American Jewish World Service (AJWS). The survey documents the deep discrimination and multiple challenges facing trans* and intersex people, and the organizing
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Advancing Trans Movements Worldwide

Lessons from a Dialogue between Funders and Activists working on Gender Diversity About the publication Trans* and intersex movements are rapidly growing, and their advocacy is influencing issues and policies around the world. Increased funding attention for trans* and intersex communities is both a response to and a cause of this activism. Recognizing the need
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The ICD-10 is being revised & reformed, with the World Health Assembly to approve a new version (ICD-11) in May 2018. It’s 25 years since ICD-10 was approved, so this is a historic opportunity to remove the pathologization of trans identities.

Movement Building

We are working to create a radical expansion of political organizing on gender identity, gender expression and bodily diversity issues at the local, national, regional and international levels so that activists can participate in all decision-making processes affecting their communities.

United Nations

Our involvement in the International Human Rights system aims to end human rights violations based on gender identity, gender expression and bodily diversity issues, including those of criminalization, exclusion, violence, stigma and discrimination.

Trans HIV Response

Our HIV/AIDS-related advocacy has focused on contributing to expanding trans participation in international HIV activism, as well as the inclusion of gender identity, gender expression and bodily diversity issues in the work of donors, official agencies and institutions, and international organizations working on HIV.