Sam Winter: Enhancing Lives by Depathologizing Trans

“I started working on trans issues at the end of 1999. I had been researching and working with children, their families and schools for 25 years and had become increasingly concerned that much of the research out there did not get used in classrooms, and even less had an impact on children’s lives.

Transitions at GATE

Dear Friends- We are excited to share some important updates about Global Action for Trans* Equality with you. As we previously announced, Justus Eisfeld recently left GATE to pursue other opportunities. Given Justus’ tremendous contribution to GATE’s work, his departure undoubtedly represents a political and institutional challenge for us. However, this transition also presents an
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Mauro Cabral receives the Bob Hepple Equality Award

Dear all, We are very pleased to share this press release from the Equal Rights Trust on the awards granted to Mauro Cabral (GATE Co-Director of Programs and Adovcacy) and Pragma Patel (Southall Black Sisters). Attached you can find Mauro’s speech of acceptance. Best regards, The GATE Team Mauro Cabral’s Acceptance Speech ***
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Leadership transition at GATE

Dear friends, When Mauro Cabral and I developed the idea for GATE – Global Action for Trans* Equality in 2009 neither of us could imagine what the organization has become since then. It all started with a dream – to take our experience working at the regional levels in Europe and in Latin America and
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Día Internacional de la Memoria Trans*. Un mensaje de GATE

Como cada año desde hace ya 16 años hoy, 20 de noviembre, es el Día Internacional de la Memoria Trans. En todo el mundo se recuerda a quienes murieron a consecuencia de una violencia en la que suelen entrecruzarse la transfobia, la pobreza, el racismo y la indiferencia social e institucional hacia las vidas y
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International Day of Trans* Remembrance. A message from GATE

As every year for the last 16 years, November 20th is the International Trans* Day of Remembrance. Around the world, we remember those who died as a result of violence that often intersects transphobia, poverty, racism and social and institutional indifference with the lives and deaths of trans* people. The need for a special day
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Entrevista a Mauro Cabral, Co-Director de GATE, en Día Internacional de Acción por la Despatologización Trans

Mauro Cabral, Co-Director de GATE y coordinador de la iniciativa Internacional de GATE sobre el proceso de revisión y reforma de la CIE fue entrevistado por el Suplemento SOY de Página 12 en ocasión de celebrarse el Día Internacional de Acción por la Despatologización Trans. La entrevista puede bajarse del siguiente link: Viernes, 17
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Gender Diversity in Childhood is not a Pathology

The man in this video is not a real doctor, but a committed ally in the international struggle for trans* depathologization. The medical record that he is reading is fake, but his conviction is true. We need more allies like him. We need more allies like you, and your knowledge, your strength, your passion and
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Seminario sobre Despatologización en Buenos Aires

El 18 de octubre del 2014 se celebra en todo el mundo el Día Internacional de Acción por la Despatologización Trans, convocado por STP Campaña Internacional Stop Trans Pathologization. En el contexto de esta movilización mundial, la oficina de GATE en Buenos Aires invita a un seminario intensivo e introductorio a la lucha por la
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Funding the Trans* HIV Response

Report of Meeting of Trans* Activists, Donors, and other Key Stakeholders published Both the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) and the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) have recently introduced new funding mechanisms involving country-level dialogue and strategy processes that aim to increase targeted HIV interventions to key
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